Applicable to commercial and industrial consumers who will guarantee a minimum billing demand of 10 kW, municpal water pumping 40 kW and above, all usage to non-cyclic type oil well pumps, for all usage to cyclic type oil pumps 20 kW and above, to pipeline pumps and water flooding pumps and other such equipment, and to consumers desiring to have power and engergy delivered and metered at the edge of an oil field lease for all usage on teh lease, including oil well pumping, water flood pumping and miscellaneious power and lighting, subject to the conditions of service and the established rules of the Associations.


Available throughout the service area of the Association, subject to the line extension policy.

Type of Service

Single or three phase, 60 Hertz, 120/240 or 120/208 or 480 volts or 7200/12470 volts, as available and acceptable to the Association.

Rate Monthly

Service Charge

Per Meter, Per Month $65.00

kWh Charge

First 200 kWh/kW/Month 0.092960 Per kWh
Next 200 kWh/kW/Month 0.075460 Per kWh
Over 400 kWh/kW/Month 0.057960 Per kWh

Demand Charge

All kW of billing demand $8.25 Per kW

Surcharge of Taxes

Each bill for electric service rendered within the municipalities of Akron, Otis, Eckley or other municipality which levies a franchise, license or occupational tax, will include as a surcharge on revenue a percentage equal to the said tax in the amount of 3%.

Minimum Charge

The minimum charge per month per meter shall be the highest of:

  1. The service charge plus the demand charge,
  2. The amount as specified in the service agreement, or
  3. $1.00 per kVA of required transformer capacity.

If the electric service to the location has been extended under the line extension policy, then the minimum shall be the greater of the minimum as specified in this rate or the line extension minimum as specified in the AGREEMENT FOR ELECTRIC SERVICE.  This minimum shall apply to the service beyond the initial term of the contract regardless of ownership.

Connection Charge

Connection or reconnection of an existing service will be made providing the consumer will pay a charge of $15.00.

Determination of Billing Demand

The billing demand shall be the maximum kilowatt demand established for any consecutive 15 minute period during the month as measured by a suitable demand meter, but not less than the minimum demand specified in the agreement for electric service, but in no event less than 10 kW.  Measured demand will be adjusted for power factor as provided below.

Power Factor Adjustment

The consumer agrees to maintain unity power factor as nearly as practicable.  The measured demand may be increased to obtain billing demand if and when the Association deems necessary by increasing the measured demand 1% for each 1% by which the power factor is less than 95% lagging.

Consumer-Owned Transformers

If service is furnished to consumer-owned transformers at primary distribution voltage (7200/12470 volts), a monthly discount of 3% shall apply on the demand and energy charge.

The Association shall have the option of metering at the secondary voltage of the consumer's transformer bank and adding the estimated transformer losses to the metered demand and energy in lieu of installing primary metering.

Conditions of Service on Primary Metered Oil Field

Primary metering will be installed at a mutually agreeable location on the edge of the lease.  All lines, transformers and secondary beyond the metering point will be owned and maintained by the consumer.  The expected load in the field must be of sufficient size to justify the expenditure for primary metering as determined by the Association.  The cost of any relocation or modification to facilities owned by the Association required to provide service to its other consumers will be paid by the consumer.