Applicable to irrigation pumping consumers, subject to the established rules of the Association.


Available through the service area of the Association, subject to the line extension policy.

Type of Service

Single or three phase, 60-Hertz, 120/240 or 480 volts as available and acceptable to the Association.

Rate Per Year (Calendar Year)

Energy Charge:

First 500 kWh Per Peak kW, Per Year $0.151000 Per kWh
Next 500 kWh Per Peak kW, Per Year $0.113000 Per kWh
All Additional kWh $0.068500 Per kWh

Annual Service Charge (Per year per meter): $444.00

Demand Charge (Per Peak kW - Annual): $40.55

One-eighth of the annual Service Charge and Demand Charge will be billed each month beginning in January and ending with the August billing.

If electric service to the location has been extended under the line extension policy, then the minimum shall be the greater of the minimum as specified in this rate or the line extension minimum as specified in the AGREEMENT FOR ELECTRIC SERVICE.  This minimum shall apply to the service beyond the initial term of the contract regardless of ownership.

Connection Charge

Connection or reconnection of an existing service will be made providing the consumer will pay a charge of $15.00

Surcharge for Underground Primary

At the option of the Association, primary voltage cable may be installed to the sprinkler system motor, thus virtually eliminating the losses metered and paid for by the irrigator when secondary voltage cable is installed underground.  To offset the added cost to the Association and the fiver percent (5%) or more loss savings to the irrigator, a surcharge will be added to the regular billing in the amount of 5 percent (5%).  This will not apply where consumer has paid the cost of primary underground.

Determination of Peak KW

The peak kW shall be the maximum kilowatt demand established for any consecutive 15 minute period during the year as measured by a suitable demand meter, or at the option of the Association not less than the demand (as determined from the Horsepower) specified in the Agreement for Electric Service.  However, the peak kW shall in no event be less than 5 kW for single phase installations or less than 10 kW for three phase installations.  For billing beginning in January of each year, the peak kW from the previous year will be used.  If a higher peak is established during the year, the higher peak will be used for the billing for the entire year.  If the peak kW established through the September billing period is lower than the peak kW of the previous year, then the peak kW will be adjusted downward for the entire year with the September billing.

Terms of Payment

In the event the current monthly bill is not paid within twenty (20) days from the billing date, it will be delinquent.  At that time, each account with a delinquent balance will be assessed a $10.00 late charge.  Bills that remain delinquent at the start of the next billing cycle will be assessed an interest charge of 1% of the amount unpaid at that time and may also be subject to disconnection for non-payment.  However, disconnection for non-payment shall not relieve the consumer of responsibility for the payment of the bill and additional interest penalties shall be added at the beginning of each subsequent billing cycle at the rate of 1% per month.

Other Conditions

All irrigation accounts will be connected in the land owner's name, except where an advance cash deposit or irrevocable line of credit is furnished, and will be billed in care of the tenant when there is a tenant.  Beginning January 1, 1989 and thereafter, the Association will not initiate service to a tenant operated well, except when an advance cash deposit or irrevocable line of credit is furnished, unless the Association has a signed statement from the land owner agreeing to be ultimately responsible for payment of the irrigation electric billing.  The land owner would have to have an acceptable credit rating with Y-W.

In order to reduce system losses, the Association may elect to disconnect each service during winter months when the service is not being used.  A reconnection charge will not be assessed when the service is reconnected each spring.

Wells that are on an idle service status, paying half minimum in accordance with the rules and regulations, may be reconnected temporarily for watering livestock or other minimal use.  A connect charge and an estimated charge for transformer losses will be assessed.